XIMIVOGUE has been unveiled at ASD, the Consumer Products and Gifts Show

As a practitioner of Chinese new fashion brand, XIMIVOGUE, as an American autumn consumer goods and gifts exhibition ASD was held in Las Vegas convention center on July 29, 2018.

    XIMIVOGUE has been unveiled at ASD, the consumer products and gifts show

    As a practitioner of Chinese new fashion brand, XIMIVOGUE, as an American autumn consumer goods and gifts exhibition ASD was held in Las Vegas convention center on July 29, 2018.

    Las Vegas international consumer goods and gift fair (ASD/AMD Trade Show - Las Vegas) is a global consumer goods, gifts most types of one of America's most famous exhibition, also is the world's most famous gift relationship between consumer goods exhibition, has been held more than 40, the exhibition represents the technology trend and popular trend of related industries, is the gift of consumer goods and one of the main Trade event.

    From more than 90 countries every year, more than 4.5 W buyers attend the ASD show, it is understood the exhibition scale 70000.00 square meters, number of exhibitors, 2700, the city beauty eslite representative of fast fashion chain store brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with the contracted fashion exhibition hall the goods display, neat and beautiful modelling, excellent product quality and the enterprise concept of "value", we attracted exhibition guests stop, the consumer experience, but also let them to XIMIVOGUE brands have a more comprehensive understanding.

    Across the retail industry, since 2015, when the entity retail industry suffered a trough, electricity attack, the influence of the policy of the reversed transmission entity retail companies begin business mode innovation, business model innovation in the true sense, this kind of situation, XIMIVOGUE play their "value" of the brand strategy, net national quality good, constantly updated to create new products to consumers happy and surprise, to win the love of consumers to break in adversity.

    Set up shop for three years since the global more than 1300, has so far XIMIVOGUE throughout the Philippines, Singapore, kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, bahrain, Thailand, Laos, ABU dhabi, sharjah, dubai, Nepal, Vietnam, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, kyrgyzstan, Oman, Kuwait, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, 51 countries and regions, such as an average day have 1-2 city beauty eslite opening.

    In the future, XIMIVOGUE will continue to develop new retail, constantly optimize the soft power of enterprise supply chain, and further promote the internationalization process, lay out a bigger international market, provide more consumers with excellent quality and reasonable price cost-effective products and comfortable shopping experience, and carry out the enterprise concept of surprise and happiness to the end!


  • XIMIVOGUE attends the 2018 GTS international trade Fair in South Africa

    From July 27 to 29, the 2018 GTS international trade fair in South Africa was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. In particular, the event, which coincides with the 10th brics summit and the 10th brics leaders' meeting in South Africa in 2018, has been highly valued and endorsed by the government of South Africa and the city government of Johannesburg, where the event is located, as well as the local chamber of commerce.

  • XIMIVOGUE Singed the Singapore Contract in June,2018

    Mr. Liang Jiansen had signed a contract with XIMIVOGUE in June this year.

  • The Grand Opening of XIMIVOGUE in Columbo , Sri Lanka

    On July 6th, 2018, there is also good news in XIMIVOGUE. The franchisee opened its store in Columbo, Sri Lanka. There are so many local medias and guests were invited for this opening ceremony. And our openning ceremony was opened at 3:00 pm, which attracted so many customers coming. In the meanwhile, the exquisite products and fresh-new decorations were gained from local.


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