About Us

XIMIVOGUE, a Korea-based designer brand that is a fast fashion department franchised store, locates at Guangzhou International Finance Center. XIMIVOGUE is the promoter of global “Green consumer products”.

we could provide the services as following:
1. Providing marketing services for retail services.
2. Advertising and publicity services.
3. Organization of fairs and exhibitions for commercial and advertising purposes.
4. Commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services.
5. Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others.
6. Market analysis.
7. Business management consultancy.
8. Import-export agency services.
9. Coupon procurement services for others.
10. Sales promotion for others.

Standing on the life philosophy of “simplicity, green, and good quality” and the brand advocating of “returning to the nature”, XIMIVOGUE earns love from consumers with its core brand edges of vogue and updating products, pricing at a low level, and targeting at good consumer product chains. It sets the trend of personalized green consumption in the frontier market of household consumption and opens up the business model of wholesale retail franchised outlet.

Established in 2015, XIMIVOGUE, run by Zhejiang Xi Bin Import and Export Co., Ltd., is deemed the strongest competitor by MINISO, Daiso and Watsons, zealously develops the international market and has open more than 1400 stores in two years. At present, XIMIVOGUE has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 64 countries and regions, including United States of America ,Puerto Rico,Jamaica,Aruba,Curaçao,Trinidad and Tobago,Barbados,Antigua and Barbuda ,Bahamas,British Virgin Islands,Cayman Islands,Grenada,Guadeloupe,South Africa, Canada, Algeria, Guatemala, Dominica,Armenia, India, Australia, Singapore, Saipan, Libya, Palestine, Malaysia, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Madagascar, Poland, Yemen, Israel, Iran, Russia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United States, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Spain, Dominica, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon and so on, with an average monthly growth rate of 80 – 100 stores.

XIMIVOGUE sticks to the philosophy of quality life and in the brand pursuit of “service consumers”, contribute itself to providing customers with products of “high quality, favorable price and fashion”. With simple and quality characters as well as leading the trend of green consumption, major XIMIVOGUE products are priced between USD 1.5 and 10, thus gains popularity among the most consumers aged from 12 to 40.

XIMIVOGUE sets up a brand new of fast fashion shopping store, which has become a main strength in the department stores and shopping malls along with catering, fast fashion clothing and entertainment. It seeks to provide consumers with smarter, simpler and cozier products, so as to make consumers experience green, healthy and cozy lifestyles while shopping. Taking product designing optimization and product quality as its priority, XIMIVOGUE also pays a great attention to consumers’ shopping experience and dedicates itself to making a culture of quality service, so as to accompany such features as simple, health, leisure, quality and green through shopping experience.

YIWU Headquarters: No,728,Danxi north road , Beiyuan street, Yiwu city, zhejiang provimce, China.
Guangzhou Headquarters: room 1802-1803, Guangzhou International Finance Center, NO. 5, Zhujiang West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.
Korea Headquarters: Ace twin tower 2, room 1110, digital road 273, guro gu,seoul,Korea.


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