Business school
December 31st ,2015

XIMIVOGUE business school is established on December 31st, 2015, it is a subordinate enterprise of XIMIVOGUE,
which is specialized in franchising and management of franchised dealers.

The business school
Have decades of experience in accessories and cosmetics.
The business schools is based on decades of experience in accessories and cosmetics. Combined with the industry characteristics of emerging department store, to integrate the operation management of franchise chain brand and write up the combat experience base on our franchisee' stores. To propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge and resolve doubts with enjoyable images and articles. According to market conditions and the actual demand of the franchisee to adjust course content in real time. Combine the new products of XIMIVOGUE every quarter to carry out systematic teaching, to ensure that each student is truly proficient in the operation of the store.
It is based on
the quality and efficiency of military

The business school has been a great place to learn since its inception Under the influence of the military culture and core values of XIMIVOGUE,

It bases on the military principle of great quality , high efficiency , truthful in speech and firm in action as execution. The corporate core philosophy is ‘creating value for customers’. It combined semi-militarized management with efficient operation strategy, to develop a team with high efficiency and and good execution to serve you at any time .

The cradle of professional talents

The business school adheres to the teaching principle of "zero-based and quick start , high efficiency and ease of copying", constantly building and cultivating excellent franchisees, excellent store managers and excellent supervisors. To provides practical and feasible store operation management guidance according to the differences between southern and northern markets , and different franchise stores . XIMIVOGUE business school is committed to becoming a professional talents output cradle in this industry . "Make franchisee profitable" is the operating creed of XIMIVOGUE. We have a mission to join hands with all franchisee.

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