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brand story

As Korean Drama is sweeping around China, Korean pop culture enters into Chinese Market and the daily life of Chinese people. With the unprecedented prosperity of Korean Drama coming into full force in Chinese Market, Korean brands are being blindly sought by Chinese consumers, while counterfeits are circulating all over the market, eventually resulting in a tremendous spending disparity split among consumers. The self-reflection and criticism upon this prevalent phenomenon have led to the inception of XIMIVOGUE Brand.

Brand Philosophy

XIMIVOGUE advocates the philosophy of quality life and in the brand pursuit of “respecting consumers”, dedicates itself to providing consumers with products of “high quality, competitive price and greenness”. XIMIVOGUE considers that the statement “the higher the price, the better the quality” is only the excuse for some enterprises seeking a way to sell their products at a high price. Those “low price with bad quality” products resulted from the profiteering desire are originated from the period of immature and unfree economy. The time for “good quality with low price” products in China and around the world has just begun. In this era, the actual value of a brand should be beneficial to all of people rather than providing such services to the nobility and the rich. These very values and principle have induced the inception of XIMIVOGUE.

XIMIVOGUE establishes a new type of fashion experience stores, which has become the main force in the department stores and shopping malls along with catering, fast fashion clothing and entertainment. It strives to provide consumer with more high quality with lower price, healthier and cozier products, so as to make consumers experience comfortable, healthy and happy lifestyles while shopping. Taking product structure optimization and product management as its priority, XIMIVOGUE pays a great attention on consumers’ shopping and devotes itself to creating a culture of high quality service, conveying such features as comfortableness, health, leisure, quality and happiness through shopping experience.

Mission: Building success, Leading fashion.
Vision: To be First Brand of Fast fashion department store.
Core Values: Honesty, Unity, Innovation, Efficiency, Responsibility, Gratitude.
Army: Affirmation, Ensure the tasks are completed, no excuses, only methods and firm execution!
Family: We are all a family, your thing is mine, mutual help and love, live with thankfulness!
School: Happy every day, Role Model, Attitude adjustment, Strive for glory!
Business philosophy: Gain achievements for franchisee, Gain achievements for suppliers, Gain achievements for staff, Gain achievements for enterprises. Stick to provide consumers with products with high quality, low price, creativity, simple, environmentally friendly and stylish.

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