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has transformed for a total of 14
Months until June,2016

In this shareholders conference, our general manager mentioned that XIMISO (XIMIVOGUE) should do something more meaningful to the society, to others-hope project . Some of the shareholders think it is not that necessary, as the company is still in the development period, we still need to learn and accumulate many things, what if we can wait for some time, we could do that when our development becomes stronger and more stable,  however, all of the shareholders reached an agreement on this finally, their opinion is in unison in the end, it is like this : we are successful because we have done something meaningful to the society instead of that we will be doing something as we have already been successful ! every franchise store of XIMISO has began the operations, we will help a child who  droped out to go back to school in three years, every 100 franchise stores of XIMISO has began the operations, we will donate a primary school for them . there are 3000 franchise stores of XIMISO will be open around the world, so that we will help 3000 children who droped out to go back to school, and we will donate 30 primary schools, we will donate a total of an amount of 12,000,000 RMB.

has already helped

students who droped out to go back to school, and a total of three hope primary schools, and any benefactors of every children, XIMISO will donate it in the name of every franchisees of XIMISO who had began to operate, every hope primary school which is in name of our franchisee, their name is chosen randomly, no matter how is XIMISO will become in the future, XIMISO as a platform has already started to do something for the society and the children who droped out, and all about this are the positive energy of ours, it is also our responsibility to do that !

In November, 2016

XIMISO fund was granted and established formally by China Youth Development Foundation, XIMISO becomes independent to keep on doing this.

XIMISO will set up the funds of itself from the global franchise stores of XIMISO, and let more people who have love to provide the meager strength for the children and the family who needs help, it is our conviction that helping more children and family be benefited by us .

We will help them be successful through our platform !

it makes our investors、workers and our enterprise become a group of people who are kind, upright and full of positive energy .

We are not that outstanding, but we are willing to do something for the society for those who need help, and keep on doing this, and wait for the report back of what has been done !

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