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We need such a person!

Good team spirit and teamwork; ideal, aspirational, and hope to develop through the company;
can be put into action to improve personal ability and promote enterprise development...
Not necessarily have a degree, but must have the ability to learn!

Position Number Address Education Date
  • Regional sales director 2 Unlimited College and above 2018-04-18
    Tenure requirements:

    1. college degree or above, with marketing / Engineering / architecture is preferred;
    More than 2.7 years of building materials industry, construction engineering paint or exterior wall putty sales experience, at least 5 years of regional manager experience, needs in the home building materials coating industry, project direction with rich customer resources and human relations.
    3. familiar with the product and the market, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;
    4. have product sales analysis, judgment and generalization ability;
    5. have good affinity, willing to change and innovation, execution and team spirit;
    6. excellent market development, project coordination, negotiation and communication skills;
    7., understand economic contract law, negotiable instrument law, familiar with products, market, customers and interbank.

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