At present, XIMIVOGUE has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 46 countries and regions, including Singapore, Australia, Israel, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, Dubai, Nepal, Turkey, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Nigeria, Algeria, Qatar, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Madagascar, Laos and Pakistan, Arab Emirates and so on, with an average monthly growth rate of 80 – 100 stores. It has opened more than 1,300 stores around the world within three years and its revenu more than RMB 2 billion in 2017.

Our Advantages

01 More than 5,700 high-quality products are available for selection, 800 products are updated every month, at a cost-effective price.

02 Advanced and large-scaled logistics distribution center, The warehouse has an area of 40,000 square meters !

03 The mature management team has eight years of franchise experience.

04 Our ERP management system which is an advanced purchase-sell-stock management system, which is good for store operations.

05 Military management team, the shareholders are all veterans, they never make a promise that can not keep !

06 Good suppliers with stable cooperation, they are all our suppliers, such as San Fu, Sassoon, Gialen, Watsons, Muji, etc.

07 The after-sale service is also very important, our CS will contact you at any time if you have any problems in post period.

08 And there is a business college which is provided for all franchisees, the professional lecturer will teach you lots of knowledge and skills about the store operations according to the sales condition of nowadays market.

09 We also have senior supervisors to help the franchisees.

10 XIMIVOGUE implements customized production, and it has a complete supply chain management system, controls the cost through the unified batch procurement mode, with strict testing processes.

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