About Us

Environmental Mission

“Green and sustainable development ”is the enterprise's responsibility , it is also the eternal theme of the enterprise's development .

As a fast fashion Korean design brand, it has a strong product design development team. it pursues the design concept of simplicity and sincerity, and a healthy, natural, environmental protection life proposition.To introduce the Korean lifestyle with pragmatism, simplicity, and minimalism into China, it integrates the Korean life ideology and design element into Chinese consumption.

XIMIVOGUE pays more attention to the environmental protection in recent years

We actively responded to the government's policy of "green and sustainable development". While the enterprise is developing, we should engage and pay more attention to environmental protection and establish an environmental management system.

Throughout the manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, sales in the process of XIMIVOGUE do its best efforts to make it minimal impact on human health and the environment, aims to achieve green design, green production, green packing, green sales.

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