XIMI VOGUE signed a national cooperation agreement with Mexico representative

01.02.2018. XIMI VOGUE,the fast fashion general merchandise brand, signed a national cooperation agreement with Mexico’s representative at East China headquarters.

    01.02.2018. XIMI VOGUE,the fast fashion general merchandise brand,signed a national cooperation agreement with Mexico’s representative at East China headquarters.XIMI VOGUE general manager Wang feng、direct center director Qiu lin、investment director Tian yanlin and the partner Inmobilin México, S.A. de C.V on behalf the company to attend the sighing ceremony.

    The two sides have paid great attention to the signing of the contract. Roberto Cejudo Martinez,the representative of Mexico fell XIMI VOGUE will be a rise future in Mexico.In the next five years, 50 stores are in Mexico. The first store is probably opened in June 2018, and there will be a big celebration.Wang feng,XIMI VOGUE general manager said that,Mexico is the country that XIMI VOGUE pay more attention to,i believed that XIMI VOGUE will develop rapidly in the future,share the product that”high quality、creative、low price” and deliver happy and surprise to the Mexico’s consumer.To follow the principle of reciprocity and cooperation, we will cooperate in various aspects such as resource integration and store cooperation. 

    In recent years, Mexico's economy has continued to grow steadily, benefiting from the large market driven by more than 120 million people in Mexico, including the increasingly vigorous consumption performance.It is know that Mexico is an economic power in Latin America. The members of the North American Free Trade Area (FTA), one of the world's most open economies, have signed FTA with 45 countries. The share of Mexico's total consumption has become the main driving force of economic growth. With the rise of large chain discount supermarkets, the number of traditional retail stores in Mexico has been declining.At the same time, the need of product quality is higher and higher. Therefore,The product of  XIMI VOGUE  with high quality 、low price and excellent value for money have broad space for development in Mexico.Since the foundation of XIMI VOGUE,we have been advocating the concept of quality life, dedicated to provide consumers with truly "quality, creativity, low price" products, for the global consumers to convey happiness and surprise, favored by global consumers.

    Nowadays, XIMI VOGUE develop the global market actively.And strategic cooperation agreement has been signed with more than 30 countries and regions, including Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Thailand. The number of brands has reached more than 1400 stores, and is still expanding at a rate of 2 every day.XIMI VOGUE will come true the plan that store are all over five continent,provide the product to the consumer form all over the world.

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