XIMIVOGUE in Abu Dhabi Area Fifth stores opened

    20.12.2017 XIMIVOGUE in Abu Dhabi Area Fifth stores opened, the shop where the mall Dalma Mall is Abu Dhabi's largest shopping mall.

    Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, and Abu Dhabi is the "place of antelope" in Arabic.  

    Abu Dhabi's economy, commerce, industry, tourism and service industry are flourishing, and domestic products do not produce consumer goods. Almost all consumer goods rely on imports, especially high quality fast food products, which is in short supply.

    The entry of XIMIVOGUE Xi Mei Cheng can make up for this huge consumption gap, meet the urgent needs of Abu Dhabi people for high quality daily necessities, and bring a simple and comfortable life style concept for the local people. The Arabs in the UAE also attach great importance to family values and quality of life. The products of Xi Mei involve every aspect of life, and the quality of products is good enough to cater to the needs of the people of Abu Dhabi.

    The opening day, the staff wearing a hanbok and store the balloon decoration to attract a lot of Arabs into the store, the local people of city beauty is not strange, the shop also attracted many other stores before the guests visited the city. Simple and comfortable shop decoration and high quality and inexpensive goods involving all aspects of life, attracted not only local Arabs, there are still many foreigners love is also very chic beauty, especially a lot of shopping mall staff almost every day to Ximei. The rate of entry and repurchase is also very high.

    Ximei Eslite UAE strategy has just begun, the total generation Zhang said that in 2018 the Ximei Eslite 6 Emirates all over every corner of the United Arab emirates. Let the hee Mei Cheng products become the people of the United Arab Emirates living habits.

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