Kazakhstan Has a Grand Opening of Its Seventh Store, with A Quick Layout of The Central Asian Market

    24.12.2017  XIMIVOGUE opened its seventh store in Kazakhstan, which is located in 48 Al Farabi street, Kostanai city, Kustanay, Kazakhstan, by Mr. Anitov, a Kazakhstan franchisee, with the local famous saxophone player.

    In the face of the decline of physical retail, XIMIVOGUE has been on the run, having achieved more than 1,300 stores worldwide in just three years, with sales exceeding 2 billion in 2017. At present, XIMIVOGUE has become one of the world's fastest expanding physical store retail brands, with an average monthly opening of 80-100 stores, and XIMIVOGUE in more than 30 countries in 2017, which has achieved impressive results globally. XIMIVOGUE is willing to transmit the high-quality and low-priced products and the comfortable shopping experience to every country and bring the happiness of shopping to the people of the world.

    Kazakhstan is located in central Asia with abundant mineral and natural gas resources. Kazakhstan is one of the most important countries in Central Asia and a founding member of the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization.” In recent years, the economy of Kazakhstan has developed tremendously thanks to the abundant mineral and natural gas resources and the rapid development brought by demographic dividend. However, the economy of Kazakhstan is dominated by oil, gas, mining, coal and agriculture and animal husbandry, while processing and light industries are relatively backward. Kazakhstan's industrial base is extremely weak and slow to develop. Most consumer goods rely on imports.

    Especially high-quality fast consumer goods, it is in short supply. The XIMIVOGUE settled, just to make up for this huge consumer gap to meet the urgent needs of the people of Kazakhstan for quality supplies, but also for the local people to bring a simple, comfortable lifestyle concept. At the same time, Kazakhstan, with its rich mineral resources, can also serve as one of XIMIVOGUE's raw material purchasing bases. It not only injects a new vitality into Kazakhstan's economic development but also applies Kazakhstan's high-quality ores to its products, for the rest of the world to provide consumers with real material quality products, to achieve further development of the brand.

    On the opening day, XIMIVOGUE with simple and elegant decoration style stand out in the mall a public other brands, attracting a large number of consumers into the store purchase. In the store, everyone all reveal a delighted and surprised expression on her face, seems to be not believe there will be so good to use and affordable goods, have snapped up. After a few hours, not only some hot style products out of stock, even shopping basket is not enough to use. Many consumers simply bought a large storage box in the store, and then continue in buying and buying, adjacent business is very envious.

    It is reported that Kazakhstan is the most important part of the central Asian layout of XIMIVOGUE and is also the first stop in Europe. 

    In the future, XIMIVOGUE will also continue its deepening in Europe through its great success in Kazakhstan, passing this "shopping happiness" to more countries along the "The Belt and Road", unlock the shopping pressure of more consumers and let the people all over the world enjoy XIMIVOGUE's first-class quality products and shopping experience.GUE first-class quality products and shopping experience.
    Kazakhstan already has XIMIVOGUE 7 stores and is expected to have more than 100 stores in Kazakhstan in 2018.
    The address of part XIMIVOGUE in Kazakhstan:
    ●  Flat 7, building 13/4, Kurgaldzhyn street, Astana, Kazakhstan
    ●  Bereke shopping mall, Shymkent, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    ●  Mart village shopping mall, Kazakhstan
    ●  48 Al Farabi street, Kostanai city, Kustanay, Kazakhstan 

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