About Us

Established in 2015, XIMIVOGUE (XIMIVOGUE) integrates five advantages of resources of international fast fashion clothing brand, jewelry chain, chain brand cosmetics, household recreation department store chain, e-commerce platform, and combines the demand of domestic market blank with the ahead of fashion ideas and fashion culture elements whose brands are sweeping the fast fashion industry in the world to interpret and lead transformation and upgrading of the fashion industry, set a brand new standard for the industry and excite the industry in flocking to follow suit by virtue of Korean fashion culture.

With simple and quality features as well as leading the trend of green consumption, most XIMIVOGUE products are priced between USD 1 and 10, thus earning love from the major consumers aged from 12 to 40. XIMIVOGUE commodities are mainly in life of leisure field, which includes creative home necessities, health and beauty, fashion jewelry, office supplies, stationery gifts, seasonal products, etc. with more than 10,000 types of products. XIMIVOGUE learns from nature, pursue high quality, actively explore a reasonable relationship between the earth's environment and human civilization, concern about the health of community & environment, and make sure that products and materials are safe.

At present, XIMIVOGUE has reached strategic cooperation agreement with more than 64 countries and regions, including United States of America, Puerto Rico,Jamaica ,Aruba,Curaçao,Trinidad and Tobago ,Barbados,Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas,British Virgin Islands ,Cayman Islands,Grenada,Guadeloupe,South Africa, Canada, Algeria, Guatemala,Armenia,India, Australia, Singapore, Saipan, Libya, Palestine, Malaysia, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Madagascar, Poland, Yemen, Israel, Iran, Russia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United States, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Spain, Dominica, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon etc., with an average monthly growth rate of 80 – 100 stores.

XIMIVOGUE pays a great attention to fine quality products and maintains a balance between lives and products that improve living standards. XIMIVOGUE is not just a brand name but also a way of life style. She would not deliberately emphasize the so-called fashion or personality or authorize that popular brands should raise their status. On the contrary, XIMIVOGUE stick to consumers’ point of view while developing products, which is stripping off all unnecessary elements and returning to the nature.

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