Grand Opening in Glendale

Grand Opening of XIMIVOGUE in Glendale 2019.12.23 125m2 Ideal Location Great Popularity Located in a large shopping mall and close to the supermarket Target, this new franchise store is favorable to attract customer flow Christmas New Arrivals To celebrate Christmas, XIMIVOGUE carefully prepared related products on its opening day, the day before Christmas Eve Hot Sale … Continue reading Grand Opening in Glendale

16 New Franchise Stores in November

This nice November welcomed exciting and inspiring news from the international fast fashion brand, XIMIVOGUE, for that it has opened 16 new franchise stores in 10 countries! Up to now, XIMIVOGUE has opened about 1,600 stores in 84 countries and regions around the world. The brand strength is unquestionable. Now let’s show you the information of our opened new … Continue reading 16 New Franchise Stores in November

Israel New Franchise Store

Congratulations on the great success of XIMIVOGUE’s new franchise store in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel! After a few days of soft opening, the new store was well prepared and opened on November 28. Perfectly located in one of the most famous shopping malls in Tel Aviv-Yafo, this 128 m2 store was flooded with people, most of whom … Continue reading Israel New Franchise Store

New Mexico Franchise Store

A new XIMIVOGUE franchise store was opened grandly in Cozumel, a well-known picturesque tourist area located at Mexico on November 21. Exciting promotion activities such as lucky draw and 30-second-flash-sale greatly arouse customers’ enthusiasm and engagement, a huge crowd of people lined up for lucky chances, which created certain popularity towards the new store. Benefited from … Continue reading New Mexico Franchise Store

New Franchise Store in Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa welcomed a brand new XIMIVOGUE franchise store on November 16, accompanied a diversity of appealing discounts, well-designed balloons and melodious songs, this grand opening event was warmly welcomed by a considerable number of people. The great popularity of this new XIMIVOGUE franchise store was largely attributed to its favorable location. Near … Continue reading New Franchise Store in Cape Town

New Franchise Store in Florida

Florida U.S.A witnessed a new XIMIVOGUE franchise store’s great opening on November 23. On its opening day, scores of residents and visitors were well attracted and highly interested in the variety of XIMIVOGUE’s Korean designed products. Featured live DJ shows, nice promotional activities were great encouragements to boost consumers’ purchase inclination and retain their existing. The vast … Continue reading New Franchise Store in Florida

New Franchise Store in Pakistan

Congratulations on the grand opening of XIMIVOGUE new franchise store in Pakistan! On November 17, 2019, a new franchise store of XIMIVOGUE grandly opened in Lahore Pakistan, which marks XIMIVOGUE and franchisees in Pakistan have reached a further cooperation. A webcast promotion from Youtube and 20% discount in the store ensured wonderful customer flow. Family groups, … Continue reading New Franchise Store in Pakistan

The 1st Fall Sports Meeting

In order to enhance employees’ physical fitness and its culture construction, XIMIVOGUE’s 1st Fall Sports Meeting was successfully held in Ole Stadium on November 15, 2019. All XIMIVOGUE’s athletes, logisticians and judges were well prepared to attend this meeting. Consisted of various sports games (badminton, table tennis, basketball, rope-skipping, relay race and funny games), the Sports … Continue reading The 1st Fall Sports Meeting

New Franchise Store in Sri Lanka

Officially opened on November 9, XIMIVOGUE’s brand-new franchise store in Colombo Sri Lanka made a good luck start. Coupons, appealing diversified Korean-styled goods as well as attentive services gave a substantial support to customers’ stay and pick-up. It is with the favorable location in the new shopping mall and multiple noticeable products that helped to bring … Continue reading New Franchise Store in Sri Lanka

New Franchise Store in U.S.A

On November 10, XIMIVOGUE’s new franchise store opened in Chicago, covering an area of 120 m2. Being close to the airport, this new store enjoys an outstanding location, which encourages customers to linger inside it and finding what they need. Moreover, it’s pleasing Korean-styled products such as pens, key chains, perfumes and so on have … Continue reading New Franchise Store in U.S.A

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