XIMIVOGUE Reached Cooperation Agreement with Pakistan

XIMIVOGUE Reached Cooperation Agreement with Pakistan

In January 2019, XIMIVOGUE, an international fast fashion department store chain, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Global Trading Enterprises and Five Group International in Hong Kong, China, officially granting exclusive rights to Pakistan and placing high expectations for Pakistan’s development.

Pakistani partners said that XIMIVOGUE is a brand that understands young people, is familiar with the shopping needs of young people, and respects the preferences of young people. Every time a new store opens, it will set off a local fast-moving department store shopping boom, which is a designer brand that many young people love.

XIMIVOGUE, as an international fast fashion department store chain brand, has set up dual headquarters operations in East China Headquarters of Hangzhou, China and Guangzhou South China Headquarters. It has a mature management team of more than 500 people, an intelligent logistics park covering an area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters, and a stock of billions of goods. . It has opened more than 1,400 stores in 70 countries and regions around the world, delivering happiness and surprises to more than 1 million people worldwide every day.

XIMIVOGUE has always been committed to providing consumers with fashionable, rich and cost-effective one-stop lifestyle products, including life department stores, makeup tools, cultural gifts, jewelry series, seasonal products, fine accessories, plush dolls, digital accessories, eight daily life. Objects needed. Moreover, XIMIVOGUE has more than 500 high-quality mature supply chains, strictly controlling the quality of products, and providing value-for-money products to consumers around the world.

The fast fashion culture advocated by XIMIVOGUE is popular among young consumers. It integrates fashion genes into department stores, tells stories and makes department stores feel good! XIMIVOGUE always insists on providing consumers with value-for-money products and more. A quality shopping experience, and on this basis, always adhere to consumer demand-oriented product development.

XIMIVOGUE will be able to help Pakistan’s business partners continue to make profits in the future, and expect more partners to join!

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Flagship store address: Safa Gold Mall, College Road, F/7, Islamabad

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