Brilliant Story Sharing from India Agent of XIMIVOGUE

Taking advantage from its demographic dividend and enjoying a huge market, India has attracted increasing numbers of customers seeking for general merchandise. To seize such a crucial chance, Abhishek More and Ankit Vedi decided to be an agent of XIMIVOGUE, a rapidly developing fast fashion brand, with an aim at expanding their markets in India.

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Abhishek and Ankit considered that there are 3 major points of establishing a popular retail store, namely:

  1. Select a right location;
  2. Introduce a particular brand;
  3. Considerate customer service.

It is XIMIVOGUE’s product variety, professional team and attentive services that drew their attention and facilitated them to be an agent of us.

In view of the excited fact that XIMIVOGUE has got favourable response from the local people along with an excellent performance in the 39 stores, Abhishek and Ankit intended to hit 200 ones in the next five years, with the revenue reaching over 500 crores.

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