Cooperation with Manmi

Fantastic news! It is officially announced that XIMIVOGUE has successfully cooperated with Manmi, octopus-formed dolls inspired by a Chinese legend “Houyi Shut Down the Suns”.

Manmi is an octopus coming from ACGN word with distinguishing characteristics of funny, naughty and a little bit comical. Always being enthusiastic and curious about animation-related matters, Manmi has determined to become an outstanding octopus in ACGN word!

So why Manmi is so popular? It’s said that the nine shut-down suns integrated and formed Manmi at last! That’s the reason why Manmi has 9 random personalities and each of which has its own functions and features.

The origin of these lovely octopus dolls makes them become highly popular especially among the youth, whose funny emotions, innovative design as well as vivid stories are expected to be eye-catching and well-received among consumers.

The close cooperative partnership between XIMIVOGUE and Manmi produced win-win results for both parties. On one hand, XIMIVOGUE further enhanced its product variety and brand awareness, on the other hand, Manmi also made further promotion for itself. There is no doubt that through the joint cooperation, XIMIVOGUE has reached its mission of delivering happiness and surprise to consumers all over the world.

Currently, XIMIVOGUE has opened 1600 stores in 84 countries and regions, with a monthly growth of 40 to 50 ones, aims at further expanding its business. Together with 700 products upgraded monthly, XIMIVOGUE now has covered 8000 products in 8 categories, devotes itself to providing high quality products in a cost-effective way.

Here are 4 steps to open a XIMIVOGUE store:

  1. Apply: complete online application, get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.
  2. Visit: visit store nearby or visit company/store/warehouse in China.
  3. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.
  4. Open: open XIMIVOGUE store, get long-term service & support.

Media Contact

Company Name: Guangzhou Xibin Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: 18F, International Finance Center, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86-20-666-00099