Israel New Franchise Store

Congratulations on the great success of XIMIVOGUE’s new franchise store in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel!

After a few days of soft opening, the new store was well prepared and opened on November 28. Perfectly located in one of the most famous shopping malls in Tel Aviv-Yafo, this 128 m2 store was flooded with people, most of whom were so surprised and attracted by its variety of Korean-styled products and pleasant quality with inexpensive prices.

In close cooperation with hundreds of influencers and celebrities, the ongoing advocacy efforts led by this new store has made it a stellar record since its first day.

Exquisite XIMIVOGUE gift sets showcased by the renowned influencers (such as dmitrymillion, orxlevari, frescostyle, etc.) on their social media platforms made this new store become widely known and ensures the outstanding performance and sales of the products.

Coupled with the popularity of customer flow, the store was so outstanding that local television stations were attracted to conduct interviews and reports on this grand event.

TV Station interview video

Actually the strong store promotion campaigns, professional guidance and appealing products meet a resounding success of this new XIMIVOGUE franchise store in Israel.

Are you considering open a franchise store as successful as this? Do not hesitate to join us any more!

Here are 4 steps to open a XIMIVOGUE store:

  1. Apply: complete online application, get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.
  2. Visit: visit store nearby or visit company/store/warehouse in China.
  3. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.
  4. Open: open XIMIVOGUE store, get long-term service & support.

Media Contact

Company Name: Guangzhou Xibin Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: 18F, International Finance Center, Guangzhou, China


Phone: +86-20-666-00099