New Mexico Franchise Store

A new XIMIVOGUE franchise store was opened grandly in Cozumel, a well-known picturesque tourist area located at Mexico on November 21.

Exciting promotion activities such as lucky draw and 30-second-flash-sale greatly arouse customers’ enthusiasm and engagement, a huge crowd of people lined up for lucky chances, which created certain popularity towards the new store.

Benefited from its pleasant location and splendid activities, this new franchise store achieved its goals of attracting a great amount of visitors and residents.

Furthermore, a large quantity of products (plush toys, fashion series, health & beauty, etc.) were selling extremely well, with which the store’s performance has been nearly doubled.

Thanks to the efforts from XIMIVOGUE’s dedicated service team and innovative campaigns by the store, this new store has received outstanding feedback since its opening.

Customers reflected that XIMIVOGUE’s products cover comprehensive species and their unique Korean designs refresh them a lot. It is expected that with the global cooperation, both franchisees and consumers have much to gain in the near future.

4 steps to open a XIMIVOGUE store:

  1. Apply: complete online application, get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.
  2. Visit: visit store nearby or visit company/store/warehouse in China.
  3. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.
  4. Open: open XIMIVOGUE store, get long-term service & support.

Media Contact
Company Name: Guangzhou Xibin Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: 18F, International Finance Center, Guangzhou, China


Phone: +86-20-666-00099