Development Trends for Department Store Industry

In recent years, people’s concept of consumption has been changed a lot. Customer experience and product quality are rigid demands and general merchandise industry has been valued nowadays. Therefore, the changes of consumer groups and growing development of internet enable the transformation of consumer needs.

The fact that several franchise stores with low-priced products in previous years have disappeared at present indicated that only with low prices can not ensure the development for general merchandise stores. It is noted that product quality is also an important factor.

To attract the new consumer groups, namely, the youth, the development trends of fashion, branding, franchising is necessary. However, it inquires highly requirements for product quality and services to be in line with the market needs.

The nature of most department stores is retailing. In this case, focusing on consumption needs and seeking for innovation and enhancing retailing industry are useful for the increasingly needs for daily life. High quality, fashion, exquisite, affordable prices together with environmental ideas are more and more popular.

Chain stores reduce the costs and enjoy distinct competitive advantages. For fast fashion general merchandise store, product prices and brand image give them a head start and a bright future.

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