Innovative and Stylish XIMIVOGUE Metal Claw Clips


 Claw clips are the MVP of lazy girl hairstyling.


From half-up hairstyles to elegant French twists, or simply combing your hair, claw clips help you achieve a put-together look in seconds.


No matter what kind of beauty or vibe you prefer, scroll down to check out her 6 best metal claw clips currently available on XIMIVOGUE.


01  XIMIVOGUE angel wings metal claw clip


If you want a millennial look, choose this angel wing-shaped claw clip.


Angel Wings Metal Claw Clip


This claw clip is designed for textured hair and is perfect for curly hair. Its large size and sturdy closure can hold a lot of hair without unraveling.


Looks like a work of art, its metallic color adds a pop of color to any look.


02  XIMIVOGUE sea world metal claw clip


Seize the trend with a claw clip that looks really fresh.


Sea World Metal Claw Clip


This claw clip is easy to style to add a sophisticated look, and the blue pearl finish adds a nice touch to any look.


The fishtail design is a simple yet stylish look that you can wear when you want to tie up your natural hair at night or while running errands.


03  XIMIVOGUE butterfly metal claw clip


If you just want something a little more stylish, this claw clip is pretty and goes with everything in your wardrobe.


Rhinestone Butterfly Metal Claw Clip


90s kids may remember seeing the butterfly claw clip.


It is cute, functional, and stylish at the same time if you want to enhance and add style to your look.


04  XIMIVOGUE Convallaria majalis metal claw clip


A little flower power goes a long way. This stylish claw clip is stylish, and edgy and always enhances your look.


Delicate Metal Claw Clip


The design genuinely depicts the shape and color of the petals, representing the purity of the lily of the valley.


Its elegant design makes it easy to combine with any outfit. Perfect for quick styling on the go, your hair will last all day.


05  XIMIVOGUE pearl cross metal claw clip


If you don't want to think too much about your hairstyle, a classic claw clip will do the trick.


Pearl Cross Metal Claw Clip


This pearl-encrusted claw clip will bring a touch of Victorian elegance to your look.


It strikes a good balance between bold and subtle. Pair it with a little black dress and heels for a date night look.


06  XIMIVOGUE small metal claw clip


Whether you use them to hold hair while styling, smooth half-updo, or pull all of your hair back, this claw clip is perfect.


Small Elegant Lady Claw Clip


Its design looks like a combination of a claw clip and a banana clip, but it's smaller than other designs and still has a good grip.


In the summer, you can walk around town wearing casual clothes and keep the beachy waves out of your face with this cute clip.

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