XIMIVOGUE Cooperative Partner in Indonesia


In this fast-paced era, see now buy now has been a popular trend among the consumers, especially the youth. Fast fashion is born under such circumstances and has found a way to meet consumer demands for instant gratification.


As an international fast-fashion retailer, XIMIVOGUE has opened more than 1,700 stores in 93 countries and regions, with an aim of providing high-quality lifestyle daily products in a cost-effective manner.


With only three years, XIMIVOGUE not only further fueled the consumer demand for affordable chic but also entered an increasing number of global markets.


In the year 2020, XIMIVOGUE seized the opportunities to access a market of Indonesia and signed with an important cooperative partner -- PT XIMI INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA.


Despite the impacts of the pandemic on the Indonesian market, such as lockdowns and quarantine, XIMIVOGUE rose the challenges and further developed its market in Indonesia. Up to now, XIMIVOGUE has opened 6 stores in Indonesia within only a year, with a plan to open more in the future.


Having a great location is one of the important elements in attracting customers.


These stores in Indonesia are perfectly located in the top shopping malls in Indonesia. All of them are competitive in customer proximity.


Let’s take the representative store that opened in Jakarta as an example. This store is ideally located in the most prestigious mall in Indonesia, which enjoys great customer flow and convenience. 

XIMIVOGUE franchise store in Indonesia


XIMIVOGUE's friendly cooperative partner PT XIMI INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA expects a bright future for XIMIVOGUE in Indonesia.


"Doing business with XIMIVOGUE and building the brand in Indonesia means not only delivering happiness to consumers but also to XIMIVOGUE's stakeholders, employees, management, media, and partners. Building the business in the pandemic era isn't so easy, but since we love the products, we love to do this business," indicated PT XIMI INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA.


“Our future planning, of course, is to give more services to customers, open new stores in another city and become a happy master franchisee for everyone in Indonesia”, stated PT XIMI INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA. 

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