Mouthwatering XIMIVOGUE Delicious Food Series


XIMIVOGUE Delicious Food Series


Whether they are regulars of a fast food restaurant, or simply enjoy showing their general enthusiasm for food, some people just cannot stop their love for food.


If you are one of these people, or you know someone that is, XIMIVOGUE has developed a collection of delicious food-designed pieces. It is sure to make some mouths water.


From cute toast cushion to fast-food-designed stationery, there are so many delectable food series that is guaranteed to bring joy to your beloved food fanatics.


01  XIMIVOGUE toast cushion


Who doesn’t need some extra soft in the winter? Especially when it is toast designed. 

Toast Cushion (Yellow)


This kawaii cushion provides great comfort, allowing you to forget the troubles of the day and relax the tired body after a day of work.


The cute toast shape is made of polyester fiber, bringing you a good experience and adding charm to your home’s decor.


02  XIMIVOGUE hamburger throw pillow


This hamburger throw pillow is perfect for your hamburger-addicted friends. It is super soft and cute and will add color to life. 

Fast Food Series Hamburger Throw Pillow (Khaki)


Made from cozy polyester fiber, this squishy throw pillow has a marshmallow-like texture. Its embroidery process is interesting and realistic, making the lovely facial expression vivid.


The biggest disadvantage of this pillow is that it is easy to make people feel hungry!


03  XIMIVOGUE foodie alliance six colors ballpoint pen


What better way to bring a smile to the face of your friends than with a fun fast-food pen? 

Foodie Alliance Six Colors Ball-Point Pen 0.5mm


These foodie alliance ballpoint pens offer a subtle, stylish way to communicate your fast food obsession.


Featuring unique 3D details, these ballpoint pens are ideal for those looking for more than just stationery and who want to carry with them a cool and inspiring pen to brighten up their day.


04  XIMIVOGUE bear fast food eraser


If you are more of a french fries lover but still want to get edgy, this eraser could not be more perfect. 

Bear Fast Food Eraser


Its bright colors and attractive figures all draw us to the fancy world.


It can erase pencil marks easily and is safe to play with as a toy, making a fun gift for french fries enthusiasts or fast food lovers.


05  XIMIVOGUE fast food three-layer square cosmetic bag


Integrated with cute fast food elements, these mouth-watering cosmetic bags are brilliant under sunshine. 

Delicious Fast Food Three-Layer Multi-Functional Square Cosmetic Bag


These cosmetic bags are three-layered with zippered pockets and removable shoulder straps. You are free to carry on your makeup tools with them anytime to anywhere you want.


Not only look cute but also will stay cute, thanks to their wipeable leather shell.


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