Greet This Spring with XIMIVOGUE Flower Series




Spring has finally sprung! Flowers are bound to get us in the springtime spirit.


Fashion’s ongoing love affair with flower prints continues for spring 2023, embracing the joy and romance of spring.


To celebrate this iconic bloom, XIMIVOGUE has cultivated a series of flower-themed items.


From pretty sunflower shoulder bags to garden flower keychains, these charming flower series showcase the beauty of the flowers this season.


01  XIMIVOGUE flower cushion & waist pillow


Designed in a flower shape, this cushion and pillow set can be used for relaxing, or even just for display. 

Flower Multi-Functional Detachable Cushion & Waist Pillow (Pink)


It can be used as a decoration for the bedroom, a chair back cushion, and a tatami butt cushion.


If you know someone who just moved into a new house or loves flowers, just gift her this set.


02  XIMIVOGUE sunflower shoulder bag


Presenting warmth and happiness, there is no surprise that many people enjoy the sunny sunflowers. 

Garden Sunflower Rabbit Shoulder Bag


Featuring a signature sunflower design with a minimalist aesthetic, these vibrant shoulder bags are so warm and lovely, adding a bright touch of sunshine even on the most overcast days.


Plus, they can be worn with various clothing, perfect for carrying books, and grocery and market shopping.


03  XIMIVOGUE floral series headband


Be it girls or ladies, flower headbands are the most popular choice. 

Floral Series Headband #3


These stunning headbands are following a heavy floral theme that just screams spring fashion. They are designed in twisted bowknot shapes to ensure they stay looking beautiful.


Who says flowers only bloom in spring? Keep your love of flowers alive with these headbands!


04  XIMIVOGUE daisy spiral notebook B5


Can the notebooks be used for decor? Yes. Serve as poetic inspiration? Definitely. Flower power to the max. 

Daisy Series Spiral Notebook B5


Daisy is reminiscent of childhood days in the summer sun, these daisy series notebooks will add a dash of nature to your to-do lists.


The fine spiral coil binding not only increases the sense of quality but also makes the inner pages not easy to be scattered and lost.


05  XIMIVOGUE garden flower keychain


How cute are these flower-shaped keychains? They will make sure that everyone’s eyes are on you, which have smiley faces, adding more warmth and fashion. 

Garden Flower Keychain


They are sure to give you a boost when you have had a tough day.


They are also one of those thoughtful housewarming gifts that anyone will treasure.


06  XIMIVOGUE tulip earrings


For those who love jewelry and flower, this pair of tulip earrings is a no-brainer. 

Garden Tulip Earrings


Made up of teeny tiny tulip zircons, these are sweetly elegant earrings that have just the right amount of statement.


The little tulips will instantly match and brighten up your outfit, whether it is jeans and a sweater, or your best date night dress. 

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