XIMIVOGUE Fruit Series To Enjoy This Spring


XIMIVOGUE Fruit Series


Fruit is a type of style on its own.


From the bags to the accessories, you can find fruit used as a theme. The possibilities are truly endless.


We love fruit because of its vibrant and bold color. That is why XIMIVOGUE compiled a list of fruity themes that you can use for your next fruit party.


Cool down your next summer with XIMIVOGUE’s fruit series for a lighter vibe!


01  XIMIVOGUE pineapple series


As a renowned symbol of hospitality and grace, pineapples are tangy and colorful and make for adorable fruit-themed decorations.


With the brightness of the yellow and the vibrant contrast with the green leaves, the color scheme of pineapples will get everyone in a summer mood.


Here is a round-up of the pineapple-themed items from XIMIVOGUE. Choose one for your loved ones and make them happy all day long.


02  XIMIVOGUE strawberry series


Sweet and delicious strawberries are a classic no matter the season.


Symbolizing the start of spring, the sweetness of life, and love, strawberries relate to positive experiences and allow us to enjoy the good things in life.


Today, the strawberries inspire dreams, enchantment, and pleasure. Whether it is for personal use or a gift for a friend, our strawberry-themed products are sure to deliver beauty and sweetness.



03  XIMIVOGUE avocado series


The avocado is used to describe someone who is the better half in a relationship on social media platforms.


The avocado is a powerhouse of nutrition and a symbol of a healthy carer.


Have a friend who adds avocado to everything? XIMIVOGUE brings you the best selection of avocado ideas around, so you don’t have to mash or slice your way into their hearts.


04  XIMIVOGUE peach series


Apart from being delicious and attractive to look at, peaches have spiritual significance. They signal a time when our wishes are fulfilled.


Think of the many times you’ve seen stickers and photos of juicy peaches.


A peach theme is cute for any age, and you can really make it beautiful during the spring and summer seasons!



05  XIMIVOGUE watermelon series


Watermelon is a good theme as it is fun and vibrant. It is a great symbol of joy and summer spirit, making positive vibes on any occasion.


If you love sweet watermelon for more reasons than just biting into it on a hot summer day, you will definitely want to keep reading for all the juicy watermelon-themed items.


Let your worries drift away while you are browsing these watermelon series.



06  XIMIVOGUE other fruit series


Fruit represents vitality and abundance. Sometimes, it is the colorful messes that come out the prettiest.


Prepare these fruit-themed items to up the brightness of your fruit-themed party! They are super cute, making for good party favor fillers as well.


Live out your fruity life with the XIMIVOGUE fruit series!

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