Express Love To The Oceans with XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series



XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series


As the home to millions of animals and plants, oceans are important to the balance of all life on Earth.


Inspired by the importance of the oceans, XIMIVOGUE developed and launched a sea world series in order to raise people’s consciousness of oceans and their beautiful creatures.


Here you can find cute cartoon images of crabs, octopuses, dolphins, and seals. And XIMIVOGUE has named them Momo, Huni, Rambo, and Gigi respectively!


This series range from bags, household item, plush dolls, stationery, cushions, pillows, fashion accessories, and more, let’s dive in and express our love for the oceans with XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series!



01  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series bags


There is no doubt that the ocean lovers in your life will be keen on conservation.


Bring their happy place to the school or the office by gifting them these ocean-themed bags.


Help them say no to single-use plastic with these bags, they will be able to arrange their favorite supplies in the fanciest way possible.


02  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series household items


Your ocean lovers might love the ocean so much but it is just not possible for them to go all the time.


These have got to be the most beautiful pieces of household items any ocean lover could ever ask for.


Designed with simple ocean images, they will be great additions to any home of someone obsessed with the oceans.



03  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series fashion accessories


If you know some ocean lovers who are also fashionistas, then they will absolutely love these Ocean series fashion accessories.


From hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, and more designed with shell, starfish, conch, mermaid, and dolphin shapes, these are truly one of the best ocean-themed gifts for ocean lovers.


Coming in brilliant colors, these household items will remind your recipient of all the beautiful underwater species they have seen or are yet to see.



04  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series office & school supplies


If they love keeping track of their ocean thoughts, then these office and school supplies will make them feel closer to the ocean.


Cute and sophisticated, these unique pieces of supplies are one of the gift ideas for ocean lovers.


While a getaway to the ocean may be their favorite gift, if that is not a possibility, these supplies will definitely cure their ocean longing.



05  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series cushions & pillows


Cushions and pillows are currently the in-things when it comes to decorating a couch.


Try to give your ocean lovers these ocean-inspired cushions and pillows to create a piece of their happy place at home.


Made with soft materials, any ocean lover will love cozying in them.



06  XIMIVOGUE Sea World Series plush dolls


Whales, dolphins, seals, crabs, and more are usually associated with the ocean.


Nothing says the ocean like these plush dolls from XIMIVOGUE and nothing will make your ocean lovers feel closer to the ocean like them.


Not only will they look adorable on their shelf but also will they perfect for creating a relaxing mood.

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