Channel A Dreamy Vibe with XIMIVOGUE Dream Colors Series



XIMIVOGUE Dream Colors Series


We’re in the mood for a little romance in our life. There is a lot of dreamy fashion around this season, from celebrities to catwalks and influencer feeds.


Because dreamy colors are discreet by nature, there are so many nice combinations we can make of them, and we can pair different dreamy colors together without them clashing or looking crazy.


The simplest way to channel a romantic vibe? Look for XIMIVOGUE's Dream Colors Series in light blue, soft pink, pastel yellow, pale green, and lavender. Seeing its light, cheerful color scheme, get some inspiration so you can try the dreamy color trend with us.


01  XIMIVOGUE dreamy colors series storage boxes


The XIMIVOGUE dreamy colors series storage boxes are exactly what you imagine: all kinds of pastels! They are popular to keep your home feeling well-organized and functional.


Plus, these storage boxes can be mixed and matched however you like, as all of them are quite calm in their intensity and don’t clash. What is more, these handy storage boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and color combinations so you can effortlessly integrate them into your decor.


Try them to stylishly organize any space!



02  XIMIVOGUE dreamy colors series bags


Sure, dreamy colors may be about as unique to fairy tales as unicorns, but these bags in sweet tones feel appropriately optimistic for this moment.


If you are looking to liven things up, these backpacks, purses, crossbody bags, and cosmetic bags are friendly reminders for you as you go out and embrace the warmer weather.


Vibrant and dreamy are not antonyms. These are the ultimate going-out accessories for anyone looking to channel their bold statement.



03  XIMIVOGUE dreamy colors series stationery


This dreamy colors series consists of various stationery such as notebooks in different sizes, stationery sets, stickers, and more, You can rock the dreamy trend to your routine work.


They are proof that you can still be on trend and feel convenient at the office or school.


Throw them in your favorite routine bags and use them whenever you feel like your working hours could benefit from an extra color pop.



04  XIMIVOGUE dreamy colors series mirrors


Dreamy accessories for dressers? Maybe not so groundbreaking, but these mirrors definitely breathe new life into the trend.


They are so feminine and fashionable, yet they exude such style and confidence, that they are sure to add a fun touch to your dresser.


Believe it or not, they might even incentivize you to dress up more often.


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