XIMIVOGUE Yoga Accessories To Add To Your Kit


Combining deep breathing, meditation, and stretch poses, yoga is an ideal way to eliminate stress and relax your body.


If you get your hands on some yoga accessories, you can have a wholesome experience and get all the benefits of yoga.


Here are some of the most useful yoga accessories that all yogis need to add to their yoga schedule.


01  XIMIVOGUE yoga ball


If you want a perfect yoga ball for working out that is supportive and durable, check out this option from XIMIVOGUE.


Yoga Ball Pink 55cm


This ball is firm and has a texture that offers great grip without being overly slick.


It is not only a fun addition to any workout space, but it can be used for strengthening your core, stability, and flexibility.


02  XIMIVOGUE yoga mat


Forming postures can be tricky, but a yoga mat can make you a ‘studio pro’.


Purple PVC Yoga Mat


The thin design of this yoga mat keeps it lightweight for carrying to and from yoga classes.


It is designed with a textured grip surface to avoid slipping, which allows you to find a good balance and hold the right shape.


03  XIMIVOGUE yoga block


Yoga blocks are a good way to develop strength and flexibility as you deepen and progress in your yoga practice.


Purple Yoga Block


Using this yoga block from XIMIVOGUE, you can practice postures with ease, as it provides sturdy support to your back, arms, and legs.


It helps you get and keep your body where it needs to be. Try using it to add cushioning in lifting in seated asanas.


04  XIMIVOGUE yoga roller


Using a yoga roller is the perfect complement to your yoga practice, not to mention a lifesaver for massing sore muscles.


Purple EVA Yoga Roller


Whether you choose to use a yoga roller for deepening your practice or to roll out tough knots, this multi-purpose yoga roller will get the job done.


Featuring bumps and ridges, it works to relieve deep knots without being too intense or uncomfortable.


05  XIMIVOGUE yoga stretching strap


Yoga straps are perfect accessories for deepening your range of motion and helping you adjust and grip while stretching.


Multifunctional Dual-Color Yoga Stretch Strap (Fuchsia Red)


This yoga stretching strap keeps your body in better shape while enhancing muscle recovery. It provides a wonderful stretch from head to toe.


Featuring non-slip support with durable buckles, this strap helps you feel secure in a pose.


06  XIMIVOGUE yoga ring


Easy to use anywhere, the Pilates ring can level up just about any yoga exercise.


Pilates Ring (TPE Handle)


This Pilates ring from XIMIVOGUE is expertly designed to help you tone and sculpt various parts of your body. It can be placed inside or outside of the ankles, knees, hands, and arms.


This Pilates ring is lightweight and dual-sided, it is the epitome of convenience. Dive into an excellent fitness experience with this yoga ring!

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