XIMIVOGUE Hoop Earrings To Complete Different Look


In the event of feeling that something is missing from your look, sometimes the only solution is to add something timeless.


Timeless and versatile, hoop earrings have somehow always found their way back into your jewelry box, they can be part of your everyday office uniform, or form the finishing touch to an elaborate outfit for an event.


With so many different styles of hoop earrings in XIMIVOGUE, rest assured, you are spoilt for choice this season.


01  XIMIVOGUE shimmer plastic hoop earrings


If you are looking for something chic that won’t weigh your ears down, opt for these lightweight hoop earrings.


Lightweight Shimmer Plastic Hoop Earrings


Its silhouette and shiny finish are subtle enough to take you through to the evening and beyond.


Add a bit of shimmer to your outfit - we recommend styling them with a white racerback and a shiny, silver necklace.


02  XIMIVOGUE colorful hoop earrings


You will be the envy of your friends with these trendsetting colorful hoop earrings with a mix of multicolored jewels.


Gorgeous Round Stud Earrings for Women


Playful and full of fun, the light-reflecting decorations of these hoop earrings add a certain dazzle and would look killer on the dance floor.


Style them with a metallic jacquard blouse or jumpsuit for maximum impact.


03  XIMIVOGUE loving-heart rainbow hoop earrings


Anyone with multiple ear piercings will have fun diversifying their earring selection with the help of these hoop earrings.


Large Loving-Heart Rainbow Hoop Earrings 3 Pairs


With a rainbow-like effect, these will inject an element of fun into any outfit.


Team them with a clean white waistcoat or a blazer to allow them to bask in the spotlight.


04  XIMIVOGUE vacation hoop earrings


Thanks to the twisted pendants and glossy metal, these hoop earrings catch the light so beautifully.


Vacation Style Hoop Earrings 3 Pairs


Featuring gorgeous, minimal detail, these hoop earrings tick the box of must-have jewelry for minimalists.


Pair these light-as-air earrings with your breezy dresses and heels for a fuss-free look.


05  XIMIVOGUE C-shaped hoop earrings


If you are a sucker for anything personalized, these cool C-shaped hoop earrings are calling your name.


Large Clear "C" Stud Earrings


From the front, these hoop earrings seem delicate, but the side view is much more dramatic.


The design on them creates a sophisticated shape while the glass rhinestones have a lovely glow to them.


06  XIMIVOGUE hoop earrings in various sizes


Why settle for only a pair of hoop earrings when you can have a whole set?


Large Medium and Small Sized Hoop Earrings 3 Pairs


These hoop earrings come in a three-pack that features different styles in three sizes, ranging from small to medium and large, so you can layer them to perfection.


The smaller styles are perfect for work or formal events, while the larger ones are great for concerts, date nights, and cocktails.

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