Beat The Heat in Style with These Hair Accessories This Summer


As the weather gets hotter, our thoughts continue to turn to sandy beaches and long days by the pool.


If you're looking to change up your summer hairstyle, there's a quicker and easier way: try using hair accessories.


Grab your sunscreen and chilled juice, and get ready to elevate your summer style with these hair accessories.


They're also super practical: Most are designed to keep hair off your face and neck, which is exactly what you need for summer.


01  XIMIVOGUE colorful small bow terry hair tie set


Instead of chunky oversized bows, decorate your braids or ponytails with these flexible, colorful hair ties.


Assorted Colors Bowknot Terry Hair Ties 5PCS


This hair tie set comes in 5 different colors to choose from. They are soft to the touch and gentle on your hair.


Perfect for country trips and cozy picnics, pair them with a floral maxi dress and a wide-brimmed straw hat for a cute bohemian look.


02  XIMIVOGUE contrast color braided thin hair ties


Pool days and trips to the beach call for simple, easy styles, but that doesn't mean your look has to be boring.


Stylish Basic Hair Ties 5PCS


These contrast-colored braided hair ties are a great choice for those who want to make a strong statement.


Use them to create high ponytails, space buns, or colorful braids to make you stand out in the crowd.


03  XIMIVOGUE kiwi scrunchie for summer


The easiest way to accessorize your hair? Tie a scrunchie. You'll also find that your hair tie stays in place longer.


Colorful Orchard Collection Kiwi Hair Tie


You may already have a bunch of standard scrunchies on your dressing table, but why not give your look a new twist with a vibrant, oversized design?


Inspired by the refreshing look of juicy kiwi fruit, this adorable scrunchie combines playful design with practical functionality.


04  XIMIVOGUE plaid fabric knotted headband


Practical yet stylish, this knotted headband is perfect for keeping hair out of your face on a hot day at the beach.


Spring & Summer Plaid Series Knotted Fabric Headband


It's also an accessory that looks good and protects your scalp from the sun. Full marks.


It's comfortable and easy to wear and will give you a sporty, just-from-the-gym look even when you've just rolled out of bed.


05  XIMIVOGUE colorful fruit series bobby pin set


Nothing says summer like a bright, bold pop of color, and these fruit-style bobby pins are exactly what you need to accentuate your look.


Colorful Orchard Collection Hair Clip #1


Wear one for a chic, simple look, or all three at the same time for a statement style.


Pair with tousled hair, baggy jeans, and a white t-shirt. These maximalist hair accessories will add some sparkle to any outfit.


06  XIMIVOGUE glitter metal mini claw clip


Mini-claw clips are never going to go away. These jewelry and pearl styles are especially popular and go with just about any outfit.


ALL-Match Alloy Small Claw Clip #10


These summer-friendly metal claw clips will easily add something extra to a low bun or simple ponytail.


We love the golden-hued alloy and zircon combination in this hair clip; it's a real eye-catcher in the sunlight.

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