Create A Spice Girl Look with These Super Cool Black Choker Necklaces


The choker necklaces are an endlessly cool minimalist staple and also serve as a fun statement seen on the Spice Girls.


No one can resist the temptation of fashion. If you aren't already wearing a choker necklace, start now.


Here are six black choker necklaces that are perfect for your ensemble. From classic black heart pendants to edgy punk elements, they aren't just accessories, they're statement pieces that turn heads.


01  XIMIVOGUE black choker with heart rhinestone


For minimalists, this simple black choker design adds retro style to any outfit.


Black Heart Choker


The heart-shaped rhinestones create a romantic, understated design that's perfect for date night and minimalist enough for everyday wear.


Take your favorite t-shirt or cashmere sweater to the next level with this elegant, glamorous, and timeless investment piece that can be worn every day.


02  XIMIVOGUE double layered black choker


For a look inspired by Hollywood glamour, the perfect accessory this season would be a bright, sparkly, chic choker wrapped around your neck.


Double Layered Rhinestone Choker


This simple choker necklace with rhinestones looks great on its own, but it also looks great with your favorite longer necklace.


Moreover, it looks very stylish without being intrusive or distracting. Perfect for work wear.


03  XIMIVOGUE punk style black choker with cross pendants


If you need an accessory to spice up your outfit, you'll be happy to have this choker.


Punk Style Choker


This choker reflects the spirit of the punk culture. Simple yet flashy, it has the perfect amount of captivating energy without being over the top.


This choker adds style with the two-layer design. The first layer adds elegance with a chic black choker. The second layer features a chain with cross pendants that add an edgy touch to the overall look.


04  XIMIVOGUE black choker with black star and heart pendants


With its rock roots, this choker necklace is embellished with star- and heart-shaped rhinestones for a feminine look.


Rock Style Choker


To complete your on-trend look, we recommend pairing it with a cool leather jacket.


Wear it and have fun at fancy parties!


05  XIMIVOGUE double layer black choker with butterfly pendants


This choker gently hugs your neck while adding presence to your entire outfit.


Unique Butterfly Choker


Additionally, the delicate texture of the butterfly chain gives the collar lightness and movement, creating a captivating visual effect.


It adds just the right amount of shine without interfering with your coordination.


06  XIMIVOGUE liquid pierced black choker with heart pendant


If you want to wear a basic outfit, this choker is perfect for changing your look in seconds.


Liquid Loving-Heart Choker


The focus is on the timeless decoration of heart pendants, but instead of choosing the usual heart shape, the pendant features irregular sizes, making it full of personality.


It looks even more beautiful when paired with an off-shoulder shirt or dress.

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