Enjoy Healthy Life with XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family


XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family


With our powerful impact on the planet now more than ever, we all carry with us an increasing respect for nature and an awareness of the way we affect it.


Using less energy, water, and land, vegetables have lower greenhouse gas intensities than animal-based foods. Most importantly, they provide a wealth of nutrients essential to the health and maintenance of our health.


Inspired by the advantages of vegetables, XIMIVOGUE is getting ready to launch a vegetable series to raise consumers’ consciousness of environmental protection and healthy life. Are you ready to follow our cute vegetable-shaped friends? Scroll down to read their stories!


The story of the XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family


On the remote “Green Island” there live four magical fruits and vegetables: eggplant, cucumber, tomato, and carrot. Having absorbed the magical elements of the island for a long time, they are full of wisdom and abilities.


One day, they were given the mission of protecting nature and decided to establish a "Vegetable & Fruit Guardians" team, where the eggplant serves as a wise leader, the cucumber as the agile messenger, the tomato as the passionate warrior and the carrot as the healing guardian. The mission of "Vegetable & Fruit Guardians" is to guide humanity to live in harmony with nature and care for every life by maximizing the power of vegetables and fruits.


Their beautiful legends are spread on the island, becoming a symbol leading to health and peace, and inspiring people to pursue a natural and healthy life.


Representatives & characters of XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family


01  Eggplant


Containing fiber, vitamins, and minerals, eggplants are a nutrient-rich vegetable that may benefit our overall health, including our hearts.


As the “wise leader” of the XIMIVOGUE vegetable family, eggplant is smart and knows how to modulate its smartness in different contexts and strives to apply it to serve the great benefits of the “Green Island”. Possessing great self-awareness, it perceives the world from a large perspective, decides with discernment, and acts with ethical clarity.



02  Cucumber


Cucumbers improve our gut health, strengthen our bones and lower the risk of heart disease, they also provide a refreshing cover for our eyes at the spa!


The cucumber in the XIMIVOGUE vegetable family plays the role of an “agile messenger”, which is open to every member’s feedback on the “Green Island” and is willing to change their minds based on new information or changing conditions.



03  Tomato


Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes have been linked to many health benefits. They are low in calories and provide excellent nutrients like vitamin C and potassium.


Serving as the “passionate warrior” in the “Green Island”, tomato is adept at sparking innovation and excitement in others. It inspires greatness and doesn’t balk at making changes within its team.



04  Carrot


Crunchy, tasty, and full of nutrition, carrots are a weight-loss-friendly vegetable linked to lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health.


As the “healing guardian”, carrot in this family is good at observing and assessing how island residents are thriving and expressing emotions.


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