Illuminate Your World with XIMIVOGUE Originally Designed Starlight Family Series


XIMIVOGUE is glad to announce that our originally designed Starlight Family Series has officially launched!


Now let's introduce our enchanting Starlight Family Series.



Background of XIMIVOGUE Starlight Family Series


At the heart of this series are three iconic characters: Heby (the rabbit), Molly (the kitten), and Luna (the unicorn).


One day, Heby and Molly unexpectedly entered the world in a strange-shaped mirror and were surprised to find that their appearances had changed: Heby had grown a pair of wings, and Molly's tail had become three. At the same time, they met a new friend, Luna, who warmly invited them to visit her home.


Everything there shocked them. They can roll around on the clouds, the small planets and moon are comfortable seats, and the stars are easy to pick and shine with charming light. The sky is pink and purple and there will be a meteor shower occasionally.


Whether it's a cozy plush toy, a versatile accessory, or a stylish home decor item, this series promises to illuminate your world. Join us and discover the joy of embracing imagination with it!


01  XIMIVOGUE starlight family series stationary


Introducing stationery inspired by the Starlight Family series. Each is the perfect partner for your creative endeavors.


Whether you want to store your favorite pens and pencils in these pencil cases or mark important memories with sticky notes and notebooks, Heby, Molly, and Luna will inspire you and encourage you to believe in the power of dreams.


These stationery are perfect for adding warmth and coziness to your workspace and remind you to go through each day with a smile.



02  XIMIVOGUE starlight family series bags


Whether it's a backpack, purse, or canvas tote, each bag is carefully crafted to be both functional and attractive, adding a touch of magic and wonder to every step.


Whether you're into the playful charm of Heby, Molly, or Luna, this series has bags that will capture your heart and enhance your sense of style.


So why wait? Discover the magic of XIMIVOGUE's Starlight Family Series bags today and let your imagination run wild.



03  XIMIVOGUE starlight family series household items


At XIMIVOGUE, we believe household decor should be just as fun and expressive. That's why we've put together a collection of Starlight family series homewares that transform everyday objects into works of art.


From cutlery sets to placemats, mirrors, towels, mugs, and more, this charming range brings the charm of Starlight family characters to everyday essentials, making your living space vibrant with style and personality.



04  XIMIVOGUE starlight family series seasonal products for kids


Rain or shine, seasonal items from XIMIVOGUE's Starlight family series are designed to make every trip an unforgettable experience.


Whether they're wading in puddles with a colorful umbrella or soaking up the sun in stylish flip-flops or a baseball cap, kids will love the fun and functionality that XIMIVOGUE's seasonal items bring to their adventures.



05  XIMIVOGUE starlight family series accessories


With captivating design and timeless appeal, XIMIVOGUE Starlight Family Series fashion accessories invite you to embrace your inner child.


The perfect accessory to add personality to your look and make you shine like a star wherever you are.


Whether you're wearing an elegant claw clip or a statement necklace, they are sure to turn heads and have everyone talking.



06  XIMIVOGUE starlight family plush dolls


XIMIVOGUE's Starlight Family Series of plush dolls and pillows are characterized by their attention to detail.


Each stuffed animal in this series is carefully and precisely crafted to ensure both durability and softness that are perfect for cuddling.


These gorgeous stuffed animals delight the heart and inspire the imagination. These are not just toys, but treasured companions that add joy, comfort, and a touch of magic to every moment.

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