Throw An Easter Party With These XIMIVOGUE Supplies


There are signs of spring in the air, and Easter is just around the corner.


In contrast to the bold reds and greens of Christmas, Easter decorations are bright and airy pastels, perfect for the spring season.


Now it's time to decorate the tables and other areas for your Easter party!


01  XIMIVOGUE Easter string flag and spiral decorations


This Easter decoration set is a unique way to get ready for your Easter party.


Easter Decorations Set of 2(String Flag+6 Spiral Decorations)


These flags are decorated with bright patterns and playful Easter-themed images such as eggs, chickens, and spring flowers.


These cheerful flags can be hung over doors, mantels, or outdoor areas to create a welcoming, festive atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.


02  XIMIVOGUE Easter green placemat


Placemats add structure and pattern to your table setting. Choose green placemats that evoke the freshness of spring.


Disposable placemats for Party


Patterns of spring flowers, bunnies, and Easter eggs bring this table runner to life, making your table look put together in minutes.


Hang it over your Easter table. Even on a plain white plate, this cheerful, colorful pattern will stand out.


03  XIMIVOGUE Easter egg paper plate


Eggs have been a symbol of new life and rebirth for centuries, fitting perfectly into the Easter story that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Easter Bunny Party 7-Inch Plate Pack of 6


Featuring bright egg motifs, these paper plates will instantly get you in the Easter spirit.


Toast to a successful Easter brunch with these party plates. Even better, serve refreshing Easter dessert on it.


04  XIMIVOGUE Easter bunny party paper cup


Imagine drinking your favorite drink from a cup decorated with adorable bunnies and Easter wishes.


Easter Party Paper Cup Pack of 6


Whether you're serving hot cocoa to the kids gathered around the fireplace or refreshing lemonade in the backyard, these cups will delight guests of all ages.


Plus, the disposable feature makes these cups easy to clean, so you can focus on celebrating without worrying about washing.


05  XIMIVOGUE Easter party glasses


Who said party props can't double as decor? These super funny Easter-themed glasses have vibrant Easter elements on them.


Easter Party Glasses F


From pastel hues reminiscent of dyed Easter eggs to charming bunny ears, these glasses come in an array of cheerful colors and patterns.


Leave one on each plate to welcome your guests to Easter dinner. They will love this fun prop when it comes time for the obligatory family photo.


06  XIMIVOGUE Easter party gift tote


By carefully selecting a meaningful gift and presenting it in a beautifully designed tote bag, you're not just giving a gift, you're sharing joy, love, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Easter Gift Tote Bag D


These delicate Easter gift bags can be used as place cards or decorations for the Easter party.


It's a cheerful way to welcome guests to the table and leave a favor to take home.

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