What To Pack for Natural Walk with Kids


Opportunities to connect with nature are essential when kids feel anxious about being indoors all day at school or during vacation.


An easy way to get kids playing and exploring outside is by taking them for a natural walk to get into the fresh air.


You don't need expensive equipment for a fun and adventurous walk with your kids. These six essentials are things you should carry for natural walks, no matter the length or location.


01  XIMIVOGUE tie-dye canvas backpack


Our top tip when natural walking with younger kids is to always have a backpack packed and ready to go.


Casual Tie-dye Canvas Backpack


This backpack can hold a lot of items and is very comfortable to carry. You can use it to carry water, snacks, extra clothes, and more.


It features on-trend tie-dye patterns and adjustable shoulder straps that distribute weight evenly.


02  XIMIVOGUE dinosaur sun hat for kids


Natural walking with kids means spending a lot of time outdoors, so you need to protect your little one's delicate skin from the sun.


Cartoon Dinosaur Embroidery Fisherman Hat for Kids with Accessories


This sun hat from XIMIVOGUE is perfect for kids. First, it provides shade and protects their face and eyes from bright sunlight.


Secondly, you can keep their head warm in cold weather. It also has a chin strap so it stays in place even on particularly windy days.


03  XIMIVOGUE cute 3D cartoon towel


When kids take a walk in nature, they often come across water, whether it's a babbling river, a quiet lake, or an irresistible puddle.


Belinda Series Towel


Kids love playing in the water, so towels are essential for drying themselves afterward.


This handy and cute towel also provides kids with a dry, clean place to rest, have a snack, or simply enjoy the view.


04  XIMIVOGUE cartoon bear water bottle with straws


Whether it's a hot summer day or a cool fall morning, water is essential for a safe walk in nature.


430ml/14.5fl.oz. Creative Plastic Cup of Two Straws (Yellow)


Young kids love to help themselves. This water bottle comes with an easy-open cap and two straws that come in handy for a variety of drinks.


It also includes a sling that can be easily hung on your backpack during natural walking.


05  XIMIVOGUE hand and mouth wet wipe set


Nature is full of exciting discoveries, many of which are fun and chaotic. Whether it's mud, water, or sticky substances from plants, kids tend to get dirty while exploring.


Starry Sky and Bear Series Mini Portable Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes (8 PCS*8 Bags/Set)


These portable wipes are perfect for quick cleaning, keeping your kids comfortable, and preventing dirt from getting into your car or home.


These are especially suitable for wiping their hands and face after an eventful adventure in nature.


06  XIMIVOGUE watermelon-shaped lunch box with cutlery


Kids are a bundle of energy, and a natural walk can quickly run out of energy, so it's a good idea to have snacks on hand.


Watermelon Coconut Lunch Box


This lunch box is well-sealed and has three compartments, making it perfect for a hiking backpack. It's shaped like a watermelon and also comes in three fun color options.


The included snacks are not only a bonus on the ride home, but also a great way if your natural walk takes a turn.

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