Funny XIMIVOGUE Small Size Plush Dolls


Plush dolls make perfect playtime companions that offer some comfort and joy.


We’ve come a long way from the classic teddies and ragdolls. Now, a lot of animals and characters have been created into plush dolls.


If you are looking for a great companion, XIMIVOGUE has gathered some small-size plush dolls for kids and adults. Scroll down to find a cuddle friend!


01 XIMIVOGUE bear plush doll


There is no stuffed toy more traditional than a teddy bear and XIMIVOGUE’s version will not disappoint. 

Vest Backpack Bear Plush Doll (S)


This little bear not only wears an adorable white sweater and striped shorts but also carries a cool vest backpack!


You will love the high-quality soft plush, detailed coloring, and huggable filling. Plus, it is perfect for vacations, due to its compact size.


02 XIMIVOGUE cactus plush doll


Looking for a gender-neutral plush doll? Check out this cute potted plant from XIMIVOGUE!

Panda Cactus Potted Plant Plush Doll


We love the natural colors, it is good for the eyes. Take a gander at this cactus, which never requires upkeep or sunlight.


It is an attractive addition to the real potted plant. With a cute lying panda, it can accompany you to spend a lonely time and remove negative emotions.


03 XIMIVOGUE snowman plush doll


Snowman reminds us of the classic rhyme featuring snow and winter.


You will love cuddling up to this snowman plush doll! It is crafted with polyester fabric, making it durable and easy to clean. 

Tie-Dye Bunny Snowman Plush Doll


Wearing a tie-dye-designed scarf, this snowman is bright and colorful and will capture the heart of anyone.


04 XIMIVOGUE lying bunny plush doll


There is just something about bunnies that makes them cute and funny animals for both kids and adults. 

Pink Lying Bunny Plush Doll (S)


Sitting upright, this cute bunny plush doll would not topple over during playtime.


This XIMIVOGUE bunny plush doll is cuteness overloaded and is ready to comfort and play with you. 

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