XIMIVOGUE Brand Advantages


In more ways than one, branding is a cornerstone of success. It is one of the most powerful components of franchising and often the deciding factor for inspiring customer loyalty and retention.


No matter what product or service a brand provides, building a recognizable brand is important to success. A strong brand attracts customers to the franchise network as a whole, which is invaluable for both the franchise brand and its franchisees.


XIMIVOGUE, as a well-known international franchise brand specializing in fast fashion retail business in regard to FMCGs, has numerous advantages. 

International expansion


Expanding internationally is a way to access new markets and business opportunities, it offers a great upside potential for scaling capabilities.


After successfully setting up its global market in 2015, XIMIVOGUE has entered various markets all over the world. Up to now, there are more than 1700 stores in 93 countries, including the USA, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Panama, Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, and more.


It only takes 7 years for XIMIVOGUE to achieve expand its international franchising in various continents. Its brand has already been well established and by doing so. Therefore, consumers prefer purchasing getting products from XIMIVOGUE stores and it is a boost in sales from the early stage itself. 

Franchise cooperation model


When it comes to starting a business, a lot of people choose to own a franchise since it mitigates many risks but still allows them to become a business owner.


By franchising XIMIVOGUE stores, franchisees enjoy a great profit margin with a reasonable claimed payback period. 


Besides, the cost of franchising a XIMIVOGUE store is only around $80,000 (80 sqm as an example), including the fees for shelves, goods, cash registers, brand royalty, and performance bonds.


So far, XIMIVOGUE has cooperated with over 30 master franchisees and over 60 franchisees. Provided with professional guidance and assistance, XIMIVOGUE is highly appreciated for resolving different kinds of issues the franchise may encounter. The multiple-store rate has reached up to 65%.

Product variety


Specifically, brands that provide a greater variety of products tend to be considered as having greater core competency and category expertise, which improves their perceived product quality and purchase likelihood in turn.


The products in XIMIVOGUE stores covered 10 main categories of daily life, including household items, health & beauty, stationery, fashion accessories, seasonal products, bags, toys, digital products, and more, all at affordable prices and with high quality. Plus, there are around 600-800 new arrivals launched per month, keeping pace with the latest fashion trends.


Cooperated with over 10,000 reliable suppliers, XIMIVOGUE is able to provide competitive prices and profits to its franchisees. 

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