XIMIVOGUE Fruit Themed Products


Noways, the trend of fruit has covered the fashion industry and fruit has become a popular element in various designs.


Whether you are a fruit lover, or you have a fruit-obsessed loved one you need to shop for, XIMIVOGUE presents these fruit-centric gifts for every fruit fanatic on your list.


Happy Hour at the fruit bar!


01 XIMIVOGUE fruit rope storage buckets


These XIMIVOGUE fruit series rope fabric storage buckets are an ideal way to combine healthy fruit with function. 

Fruit Lace Cotton Rope Fabric Storage Bucket


Perfect for storing sundries, they are like colorful fruits that brighten up your house and help you stay more organized.


With cute fruit patterns on each one, these are practical gifts for fruit lovers whether to use by the family or for welcoming guests.


02 XIMIVOGUE fruit card bags


Sometimes you want the beauty of fruit without eating the actual thing, so let’s enjoy the fruit designs with this range of fruit card bags. 

Lovely Fruit Planet Card Bag


With a zipper design, these card bags slide smoothly and are easy to open and close, there is no need to worry about the contents falling off or being lost.


Plus, the PU texture and clear lines combined with unique cartoon fruit prints make them playful and smart, adding a bit of elegance.


03 XIMIVOGUE fruit gel pens


These fruit-themed gel pens make an attractively fresh addition to the class study. 

Hug Fruit Gel Pen (Black) 0.5m


There are three options in this set, and the adorable patterns are totally worth it.


As a bonus, their pen caps allow seeing the appealing colors of the whole appearance of fruits.


04 XIMIVOGUE fruit series mirrors


Get ready for a fruit-themed gift that is simple and funny. 

Fruit Aroma Series Round Portable Mirror


Fruit lovers and makeup lovers alike will truly appreciate these portable mirrors. They can be used when you put up makeup or style, or simply as the decor for a dresser.


05 XIMIVOGUE fruit ceramic cups


Everyone needs to get hydrated, these cute ceramic cups will drive the fruit lover in your life wild with delight. 

380ml/12.8fl.oz. Cute Fruit Ceramic Cup WG 017


Crafted of reinforced ceramic, these cups are full of the sweetest and most passionate fruits. Liven up your morning with them!


06 XIMIVOGUE fruit printed hair ropes


Spread vitality and catch the eyes with these fruit-printed hair ropes from XIMIVOGUE!

Fruit Printed Hair Rope


They are soft and stretchable enough to easily wear on and off, which can take care of your hair.


Want a beautiful hair rope to fix and decorate your hair? Then these fashionable hair ropes are a good choice!

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